TDA Area 6 - South East Savaii

TDA 6 South East Savaii 

Tourism Development Area 6 extends west from the village of Palauli and includes the areas along the southern coast of the island as far as the village of Taga on Savaii’s south western tip.

A community visioning exercise for TDA 6 was undertaken with active participation by tourism operators and community representatives during a four day workshop in March 2015. The workshop utilised a combined approach in which community visioning was conducted by the Samoa Tourism Authority team and Participatory 3 Dimensional modelling (P3D) was facilitated by the P3D team from Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment – Forestry Division. 

Participants were asked to consider the ‘past, present and future’ of their TDA in order to identify common goals and a realistic practical path forward within the constrains of changing climatic conditions. The P3D process enabled participants to contextualise adaptation options according to geographic and physical variables. Figure 2.3 shows the workshop attendees with the model they developed during the workshop.

The community and tourism operators from TDA 6 came together with a consensual ‘Vision’ for the management of climate change variables in TDA 6: South East Savaii.

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Tourism Development Area Management Plan