Technical Guidelines for Climate Resilient Practices


Under the project ‘Enhancing The Resilience Of Tourism-Reliant Communities To Climate Change Risks’, a GEF Project under the Least Developing Country Fund (LDCF), Outcome 1 was intended to see climate change adaptation mainstreamed into tourism-related policy instruments and public-private partnerships. Two key outputs were intended to guide ‘concrete actions on the ground’ for this project:-

1) Output 1.1: Generation of the Tourist Development Area (TDA) Management Plans that integrate efforts to address climate change in 6 Tourism Development Areas involving 12 villages.

2) Output 1.2: Technical Guidelines to support the Management Plans for each of the TDAs to show how to increase resilience through better practices.

These technical guidelines are therefore the second key output of the project and should be read in conjunction with the TDA Management Plans which describe the strategic direction for building resilience for the tourism operators and their reliant communities. This document presents a series of guidelines as a “toolkit” of options that are available to increase resilience to climate change risks and as far as possible preserve the top attributes for tourism and overall community wellbeing as nominated by the communities during engagement forums.

As part of the Samoa Tourism Strategic Marketing Plan for 2014 to 2019, the top attributes for Samoa have been identified as:

• A unique culture with a strong sense of place

• Friendly people and relaxing

• A lush, tropical and unspoilt environment

• Beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters

Climate change processes potentially threaten all of these attributes and these guidelines provide the recipe for operators and their communities to take positive actions to increase their resilience. . There are 6 relevant Tourism Development Areas (TDAs) and their management plans describe the overall direction and planning for implementing both community based and operator focussed activities.

The GEF/LDCF project targets the communities operating small-scale beach fales ('open hut') accommodation and

recreational areas. The 6 TDAs selected include:

• South-East Upolu (Saleapaga and Lalomanu);

• South Upolu (Sataoa and Saanapu);

• North-West Upolu (Lepuia'i and Faleu);

• Eastern Savaii (Lano and Manase);

• North-West Savaii (Falealupo and Satuiatua); and

• South-East Savaii (Vailoa and Faaala).


You can view/download the English version of this document here.

You can view/download the Samoan version of this document here.


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