Board of Directors

The Samoa Tourism Authority has a Board of Directors of which the Chairman is the Minister of Tourism. The Chief Executive Officer is responsible to the Board and advises the Chairman and the Board on policy and strategic issues as well as leading and overseeing the execution of the duties or functions of the organisation as per the name or title of the post affirms. There are four divisions which are as their names  implies  are  responsible  for  Marketing  &  Promotions, Planning  & Development, Research & Statistics and Finance & Corporate Services. 

The Board of Directors are:

Adele Kruse (Chairperson)

Aanamaitu Tauiliili Pasikale (Director)

Leota Lu II (Director)

Tanya Grey (Director)

Tuala Oli Ah Him (Director)

Tauiliili Alise Stunnenberg (Director)

Leota Matamua Kuki Retzlaff (Director)

Papalii Matatamalii Sonja Hunter (CEO)