Who Visits Samoa

  • Tourists from New Zealand make up 44% of all holiday arrivals, although only just over one third of all arrivals from New Zealand are travelling for holiday. Whilst the European market makes up only 7% of all holiday arrivals, 73% of them are travelling for holiday.
  • Tourists from Australia are similar to those from New Zealand in terms of their purposes of visit in Samoa. One quarter of all holiday tourists travelling to Samoa are from Australia.
  • On the whole, the nationality of tourists corresponds to their country of residence (for example almost 79% of all arrivals from Australia are Australia nationals and 83% of arrivals from New Zealand are New Zealand nationals). Due to the large number of Samoan’s living in American Samoa, nearly 50% of all visitors from American Samoa are Samoans (with 43% being United States nationals). Note that Samoans living in any country other than Samoa are included in the survey as, by definition, they are visitors to Samoa.
  • Just over one half (54.9%) of all tourist arrivals to Samoa have visited before, with the highest incidence being from residents of American Samoa (93%). The majority of tourist arrivals from Europe (94%) were on their first visit to Samoa.  Almost three quarters (73%) of all holiday tourists were on their first visit, compared to just 19% of VFR and 29% of business tourists.
  • Of those tourists who have visited Samoa before, 28% have been just once, whilst 15% have been 10 or more times (largely driven by the American Samoan market).