Tourists' Profile

  • Around two thirds of all tourists are in the 25 to 54 years age group, however there  are some considerable differences between the different generating countries. Tourists from North America are older (nearly one quarter are in the 50-­-59 age group) than those from Europe (nearly one half are in the 20-­-34 age group).
  • Tourists from New Zealand are spread fairly evenly across the 25 to 54 age groups, whilst those from Australia have concentrations in the 25-­-34 and 45-­-54 age groups.
  • By purpose of visit, Holiday tourists are younger than any other group except for sports visitors. 41% of Holiday tourist are 34 years or younger, compared to 32% of VFR tourists, 23% of Business tourists, and 26% of other tourists. 54% of Sports tourists are 34 years old, or younger.
  • Overall, 56% of all tourists travelling to Samoa are female, largely driven by the strong predominance of females from American Samoa (61%) and New Zealand (59%).
  • Almost two thirds (35%) of all tourists travelled to Samoa with at least one other person, rising to 82% of Holiday tourists. 42% of Holiday tourists travelled with their spouse/partner. Business tourists were most likely to travel alone (55%), whilst Sports tourists were most likely to travel in a group (39%).