Our Vision

Tourism is a multifaceted activity that can generate economic, social and environmental benefits which in turn support the Strategy for the Development of Samoa.

Our Vision:

By 2019 Samoa will have a growing tourism sector which engages our visitors and people and is recognised as the leading Pacific destination for the sustainable tourism.

Our Mission:

To ensure the achievement of quality sustainable tourism that is beneficial for Samoa and delivers a satisfying premier Samoan Experience for tourists.


Core Values & Principles:

1. Respect | Faaaloalo

2. Honesty | Faamaoni

3. Impartiality | Le faaituau

4. Effective and Efficient | Lelei na Fuafua ma vave Faataunuu

5. Accountability and Transparency | Mafai vona Tali Atu ma Faatino Pulega Manino


Corporate Services